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An eclectic mix.

John Beresford was born in 1952 in Germany, where his father was in the British Army. The family moved to England before he was one, and lived in Dorchester, Newcastle, Singapore and Chester before settling in Radcliffe, Lancashire, in 1962. 

John failed his eleven plus but was given a free transfer to Grammar School when he was thirteen. He left school at sixteen with a CSE and eight O Levels to begin a career in engineering. When he grew up he drew his pension and lived more simply.

John is married to Angie, who taught English. They have three grown-up daughters and sons-in-law, and are currently enjoying the hiatus before the inevitable grandchildren come to stay.

When they do, they will be introduced to the same eclectic mix of music their mothers were weaned on – Anon and Beethoven, Cohen and Denny…

…oh, and did I mention Ralph McTell?


Ralph McTell and me at the 2004 Ingleton Folk Weekend, Yorkshire Dales, UK