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Dear Reader,

Small Voice Calling is about the music of Ralph McTell. In writing it, I have assumed that you have access to his recordings. With the exception of the title song, I have not provided audio files. Most of Ralph’s back catalogue is available from his website shop and from the usual retailers and streaming websites. 

Small Voice Calling is best read as a book, ie by starting at the beginning and turning the pages. There are three strands or volumes, each with its own Contents page. You may of course dip in at any point. To help you navigate your way around, each page has a ‘breadcrumb’ to show you where you are, and a drop-down menu with links to the Contents pages.

Each strand has its own structure and features, broadly as follows:

The Voice

  • Is a chronological survey of Ralph’s album releases and career highlights
  • Each vinyl album has its own page
  • CD albums are collated by theme
  • Straplines are taken from key songs or from album sleeve notes
  • A link is provided for each album’s track list on the Ralph, Albert & Sydney Discography.

The Call

  • Examines the songs that may have been inspired by Ralph’s Sunday School memories
  • Each page has:
    • Extracts from the song lyrics that quote or suggest a scriptural source
    • My guess at the Bible story Ralph had in mind when writing the song
    • Page titles and straplines taken from the songs or from the Bible references
    • Bible references linked to an on-line Bible
    • My retelling of the Bible story, highlighting the key motifs.

The Echo

  • Uses themes in Ralph’s songs to tell some of my own story
  • Each page name is the title of a McTell song
  • Each strapline is the key lyric used as the anchor for my reflection
  • Each page includes a short extract from the published lyrics.

Finally, the Contact page provides links to online resources you may find of interest.

With best wishes,