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April 2019

Ralph McTell Websites

Clicking on the links below will take you to other Ralph McTell websites, including his official site, social media pages, fansites and a Wikipedia biography.

Ralph McTell – The official Ralph McTell website, where you will find current news, tour dates, feature articles and an on-line shop.

@OfficialRalphMcTell – The official Ralph McTell Facebook page.

@Ralph_McTell – Ralph McTell’s Twitter feed.
Ralph, Albert & Sydney – The ‘official unofficial’ Ralph McTell UK fansite, with articles, reviews, interviews and audio clips from Ralph’s career, and a comprehensive discography. 
Weather the Storm – A Ralph McTell fansite with Italian and English sections.
Ralph McTell Appreciation – A Facebook Group for anyone who loves Ralph McTell and his music.
TalkAwhile – the Folk Corporation Forum with a Ralph McTell bulletin board.
Ralph McTell Songs – a Ralph McTell songbook on the ‘Traditional Music Library’ website.
Ralph McTell – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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