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The Song: Bomb

He saw the inquisition
And the burning of the saints
The conversion of the innocents
He swore he would protect
He saw them bless the bomb
That they dropped on Hiroshima
And that’s why Jesus wept

The Bible: Rumours of war

The Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 24, Verses 1 to 14 (Matthew 24: 1 – 14).

The Story:

During a visit to Jerusalem, Jesus’ friends drew his attention to the massive walls of the Temple.

“I’ll tell you what,” Jesus said, “all these walls will be pulled down. Not a single stone will be left on another.”

Taking this to be a reference to ‘the end of the world’, they asked Jesus when it would happen and how they would know it was imminent.

Jesus told them:

“Be careful! People will claim to be me and many will be deceived by them.

“There will be wars and rumours of wars, famines and earthquakes; but none of these will mean the end is near.

“False prophets will arise and many will follow them. But you will be safe if you stand your ground!

“When the good news of God’s kingdom has been proclaimed to the whole world – that’s when the end will come.”

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