Eight Frames a Second

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“Paint the soul.  Never mind the legs and arms.”


Ralph McTell’s first recording contract was with Nat Joseph’s Transatlantic Records. When he turned up at Pye Studios in October 1967, his was not the only career on the launchpad – Gus Dudgeon had not produced a record before, nor had Tony Visconti arranged the music for one. Both were to feature prominently in Ralph’s rapid rise to fame. The first fruit of their collaboration, the LP ‘Eight Frames a Second’, was released in the UK in 1968.

The legend, “Paint the soul. Never mind the legs and arms”, was emblazoned across the back of the LP sleeve.

‘Eight Frames a Second’ sold slowly at first, but eventually won Ralph a Gold Disc for record sales.

LP and CD Issues
LP – Released 1968 in UK – Transatlantic TRA165 [Note 1].
LP – Released 1969 in USA – Capitol ST240 [Note 2].
LP – Released 1969 in Canada – Capitol ST240 [Note 2].
LP in Double LP set – Released c. 1977 in South Africa – Logo LGD6001 [Note 3].
LP in Double LP set – Released 1978 in France – Transatlantic TRA89554/5 [Note 4].
LP – Released 1980 in Australia – Transatlantic / 7 Records MLM400 [Note 5].
CD – Released 2007 in UK – Transatlantic TRRCD400 [Note 5].
On CD1 of ‘All Things Change’ Double CD – Released 2017 in UK – Cherry Tree CRTREE019D [Note 6].

1.  Released in mono only.
2.  Same tracks as UK release but remixed and in stereo.
3.  Record 2 of 2LP set ‘2 Originals of Ralph McTell’. Omits 3 tracks that are included on Record 1. See also Streets of London – The Albums.
4.  Record 1 of 2LP set. See also Spiral Staircase.
5.  ‘Expanded Edition’ with four previously unreleased bonus tracks.
6.  CD1 has ‘Eight Frames a Second’ and ‘Spiral Staircase‘; CD2 has ‘My Side of Your Window’ and ‘Revisited‘.

See also Ralph’s own website article on ‘Eight Frames a Second‘.