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The Song: Fickle

Then he mused on human nature
How fickle were the public
So ready to accept him
So quick now to reject
Where were the five thousand
He fed with loaves and fishes
That’s why Jesus wept

The Bible: Jesus enters Jerusalem

The Gospel according to John, Chapter 12 (John 12).

The Story:

Isaiah saw it coming. Seven hundred years earlier he had prophesied:

He has blinded their eyes
and hardened their hearts,
so they can’t see with their eyes,
or understand with their hearts,
and change their ways
so I can heal them.

Some, of course, were beginning to see and understand how it would all end. Yet even among Jesus’ close friends there was one who had missed the plot. When Mary washed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfumed oil and dried them with her hair, Judas complained that Mary could have sold the oil and given the money to the poor. But Jesus said, “Leave her alone! She has anointed my feet for my burial.”

Many people were believing in Jesus because he had raised Lazarus from the dead. The religious leaders’ authority was under threat, so they decided to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus. And when, the next day, the crowd lined the street and welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem and chanted “Jesus is King!”, it seemed to them that the ‘whole world’ had gone over to Jesus.

But many still  did not believe in him, despite  the miracles Jesus had performed in their presence. As Isaiah had predicted, they had blind eyes and hard hearts. Jesus told them, “Walk in the light while you have the chance, or be overtaken by the dark. No-one who walks in the dark can see where he’s going”.