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The Song: Interred

Then he saw two armies marching
And he heard their crucifixes
Reduced to superstitious muted
Jangling round their necks
And he heard his name intoned
As they interred their companions
And that’s why Jesus wept

The Bible: The empty tomb

The Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 23, Verse 48 to Chapter 24, Verse 12 (Luke 23: 48 – 24: 12).

The Story:

It was getting late. They should have been at home, preparing the Seder. But this was too important. Their friend, Jesus, was dead, and they needed to bury him quickly, before the Passover Sabbath started at nightfall. The ritual anointing with spices and ointments would have to wait till Sunday.

Line drawing by Annie Vallotton
from the Good News Bible

As Sunday dawned, some of the women returned with the spices. They found the burial chamber, but the stone had been moved from its entrance. They went in, and the body of Jesus was not there. Two men appeared in dazzling clothing, who said,

Why are you looking for the living among the dead? He is not here. He has risen!

Then the women remembered what Jesus had told them – that he would be crucified and on the third day rise again. They hurried back to tell their friends, who didn’t believe them.

Peter, however, ran to the tomb, where he saw the burial cloths but no body.

And he went home, wondering what had happened.  

As well he might. Peter had been with Jesus for three years or so. He’d seen at first hand the miracles that changed people’s lives, and he’d heard Jesus breathe new life into the old scrolls. But even Peter wasn’t prepared for the challenge of the empty tomb.

The conundrum Peter faced was this:

Either Jesus was telling the truth when he said that God was his Father, and everything he did was with God’s authority, and that the ancient scrolls told of his coming, and that he was in fact the promised Messiah, and that he would rise from the dead…

Or he lied.