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“Incredible talent and humanity through his work.”

Chris Hockenhull closes his biography of Ralph McTell with a quotation from Christie Moore: “When Ralph McTell walks out on a stage, he brings just two things with him. His incredible talent and his humanity through his work”. (Hockenhull, Chris. ‘Streets of London’, p. 156.) Earlier in the book, Ralph’s brother Bruce says of the live album ‘Ralph, Albert & Sydney‘, “Just listen to the applause on that record”. (Ibid., p. 93.)

Being there is best, of course, and Ralph’s ‘Songs for Six Strings‘ CDs come close to capturing his ‘talent and humanity’. Closer still are the video recordings of concerts marking significant moments in Ralph’s life and career – performing in his home town, celebrating his birthday. For those who were there, who felt that Ralph was singing just for them, the DVD player transports him directly into the living room to remind them of that feeling. For those who were not there, let me take you to your seat…

Live at the Town Hall
Recording of a concert at Croydon Town Hall in Ralph’s home town.


VHS – Released 1998 – Leola OLA26VID.

The London Show
Ralph’s 60th birthday concert, live at the Royal Festival Hall.


DVD – Released 2005 – Leola TPGDVD25.

McTell on the Mall
Recorded live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2000.


DVD – Released 2008 – Leola TPGDVD29.

70th Birthday Concert
Recorded live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in December 2014.


DVD – Released 2015 – Leola TPGDVD70.

Live in London
CD version of Ralph’s 70th Birthday Concert DVD tracklist.


Double CD – Released 2019 – Leola 5060079130034.