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The Song: Love

In his dream he saw the crusade
And all wars that would follow
Declared in his name
When he thought he’d been direct
Love thy neighbour do not kill
And turn the other cheek
And that’s why Jesus wept

The Bible: The sermon on the mount

The Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 4, Verse 23 to Chapter 5, Verse  48 (Matthew 4: 23 – 5: 48).

The Story:

Whilst Jesus was in Galilee, many people came to see for themselves this exciting new teacher, who talked about God’s kingdom and demonstrated it by healing the sick. They came from Syria in the north, from the Ten Cities on the border, from Jerusalem and the rest of Judea, and from lands in the east beyond the River Jordan.

And Jesus talked to them about happiness. 

“Happiness”, he said, “is doing what is right even when people around you abuse you for it. The religious leaders make a great show of keeping to the letter of the Law, but they’ve missed its real purpose. This is what the prophets tried to tell you and they were persecuted for it. Now I’ve come to complete the job and show you how to make sense of the Law and the prophets.

You’ve heard people say…

Do not kill

Do not commit adultery

Do  not break your oath

An eye for eye

Love your neighbour and hate your enemy

But I’m telling you…

Don’t even get angry – just make up

Don’t even think about it – just  look away

Don’t make oaths – just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Turn the other cheek

Love your enemy.

“Even the ungodly love those who love them. You can do better than that.

“If you want to be really happy, you must be the best there is – just like your Father in Heaven.”