Not Till Tomorrow

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“McTell it like it is.”


Ralph McTell toured in the US for the first time in 1971, and some of his experiences there were reflected in the songs he brought to his new recording contract with Reprise. Gus Dudgeon’s production skills were now in great demand, so Tony Visconti was given the opportunity to produce the new album, which was released as ‘Not Till Tomorrow’ in 1972.

There is an inscription in the run-off groove on side 1 of the original UK LP, that perfectly captures Ralph McTell’s song-writing ethic: “McTell it like it is”; and, on side 2, “I toldja”.

‘Not Till Tomorrow’ was Ralph’s first UK Album Chart entry, reaching number 36.

LP and CD Issues

LP – Released 1972 in UK – Reprise K44210.
LP – Released 1973 in USA – Reprise MS2121.
LP – Released 1973 in Australia – Reprise MS2121.
LP – Released 1973 in Canada – Reprise MS2121.
LP – Released 1973 in New Zealand – Reprise RS2121.
LP – Retitled ‘Star Collection’ – Released 1975 in Germany – Midi MID26030F.
LP – Released in Japan – Reprise P-8307R.
CD – Released 1998 in UK – Leola TPGCD15.

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