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“When the break is mended it can be stronger than before.”


Despite his disappointment with the Shel Talmy recordings, Ralph McTell continued to prepare material for his next album. This time he worked with old friends Danny Thompson, Rod Clements and Dave Pegg, all of whom had contributed to the ‘Streets…‘ LP.

Ralph’s recovery from the trauma of ‘the hit hangover’ was confirmed by a line in one of the new songs: “When the break is mended it can be stronger than before”.

The album got its name from a comment by Ralph’s brother, Bruce, who told Ralph, “You’ve come down heads, you’re right side up”… and so ‘Right Side Up’ was released in November 1976.

LP and CD Issues
LP – Released 1976 in UK – Warner Bros K56296.
Quadraphonic LP – Released 1976 in UK – Warner Bros K256296.
LP – Released 1976 in Australia – Warner Bros 600026.
LP – Retitled ‘Tequila Sunset’ – Released 1977 in Germany – Aves 69.045
LP in Double LP set – Retitled ‘Starportrait’ – Released 1978 in Germany – Aves INT156.054 [Note 1].
LP – Retitled ‘Weather the Storm’ – Released 1982 in UK – Mays TG002.
CD – Released 2001 in UK – Leola TPGCD19 [Note 2].
1. Record 1 of 2LP set. See also Ralph, Albert & Sydney.
2. The CD release includes a bonus track.

See also Ralph’s own website article on Right Side Up’.