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“I’ll show you something to make you change your mind.”

When Ralph McTell refused to name his 1975 album after his world-wide hit single, ‘Streets of London’, others were ready to cash in.

Within weeks, Transatlantic used the name for a compilation of songs that Ralph had recorded for them, including an earlier version of the title song. Over the years, Transatlantic or their successors and licencees would re-issue this compilation several times, and release a further seven different ‘Streets of London’ compilations drawn from ‘their’ early McTell catalogue

The name had in fact already been used for an LP release – Ralph’s ‘You Well-Meaning‘ album was re-named ‘Streets of London’ in Holland. And ‘Streets…‘ got the title Warners originally wanted when it was re-issued by Kicking Mule in 1979.

Finally, in 2009, Ralph himself released ‘Streets of London and Other Story Songs’, a download-only album comprising the 1974 ‘hit’ and eleven songs drawn from his extensive more recent catalogue.

LPs, CDs and Downloads

‘Streets of London’ Album 1 was released in:


Album 1, Holland

‘Streets of London’ Album 2 was released in:

Australia, France, Germany, Holland, South Africa and UK.

Album 2, UK, 1975

‘Streets of London’ Album 3 was released in:


Album 3, Germany, c.1975

‘Streets of London’ Album 4 was released in:


Album 4, UK, 1977

‘Streets of London’ Album 5 was released in:


Album 5, USA, 1979

‘Streets of London’ Album 6 was released in:

Germany and UK

Album 6, Germany and UK, 1990

‘Streets of London’ Album 7 was released in:


Album 7, Germany, 1994

‘Streets of London’ Album 8 was released in:


Album 8, UK, 1997

‘Streets of London’ Album 9 was released in:


Album 9, UK, 2003

‘Streets of London’ Album 10 was released in:


Album 10, UK, 2006

‘Streets of London’ Album 11 was released in:

Worldwide (Download)

Album 11, Worldwide, 2009